How Much Does a Good Fireplace Cost to Get Installed?

My dad just gave all of his kids $100K.

Well, actually he didn’t give it to us since he is dead, but my stepmom sold his house and gave us each some of the money.

Don’t feel jealous though, I dropped 80% of it in cryptos and it’ll probably be gone within a few months. Jeez, that sounded really scary to me! He would roll over in his grave if he knew I was investing in cryptos again after losing all of my money last year on them. I’ve learned now that buying and holding is the secret usually. My oil furnace has a problem with the pilot light always going out and it usually takes place when I am in the middle of the shower. The water gets cold very quickly because the flames heat up the pipes for the hot water as there is no tank to hold it. I think maybe a steam boiler would be better as there is no pilot light to go out on me. I need to look online to see what is the best thing for heating up water in the house. I would like an efficient heater, possibly an electric heater, so I don’t have to worry about finding a match and trying to light the pilot a few times a day. Well, today is really nice outside and it is Sunday, so I think I will head down to the beach and take a break from staring at cryptos on my Ipad. Maybe I’ll check my furnace filter today too to make sure it is clean.

a/c care program