I bought my mom a new furnace

Recently, I had a brand new furnace installed at my mom’s house.

I went through her usually HVAC company and everything.

The truth is, my mom and I haven’t spoken in years. It may be hard to understand how a mother and a daughter can go years without talking, but you don’t know what our home was like growing up. My father was an abusive man and he didn’t treat any of us right, us kids and my mom. However, my mom never left him. She allowed him to hurt all of us, which is something I could never understand. After high school, I left and cut both of my parents out. Apparently, she has changed, plus she has been trying to reach out to me to ask for forgiveness, however I haven’t had the heart to talk to her… However, when I found out that her oil furnace broke, I decided to do something. I think that even though our Mom and I haven’t talked, plus I have a lot of anger towards her, I do believe she has changed. She left our father years ago and I realize this was hard for her too. I don’t like the idea of her being in the house all alone with a busted heating system. She is old and I don’t want her getting sick. My brother put me in contact with her local heating and cooling company. I hired them to install the furnace and intended to leave it at that. However, I guess my name was listed on the bill, so my mom knew it was me. I’m still not quite ready to talk, but I’m glad I could show my mom that I do care in my own way.

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