I had not had my ductwork cleaned in a long time

I could not believe how dirty the ductwork of our central heating and a/c idea was! I had called the heat and a/c corporation to send someone out to clean the ductwork of our central heat and a/c unit.

I had not done it in a long while and I should have! Usually a ductwork cleaning only takes around an hour or less! But our ductwork was so filthy it took all day! Of course as a result the ductwork cleaning cost me a lot of cash.

It was well needed though because otherwise the heating and a/c idea could have legitimately broken down for good and it would have cost me to have to get a brand new central heating and a/c idea unit. I would not want that to happen! So I ecstatically paid for the extra strenuous task in the ductwork cleaning that took the HVAC worker all day to do! The heat and a/c specialist told me that if they had known that the ductwork was this dirty they would have commanded it to be a 2 man work, having 2 heating and a/c specialists working on it would have got it all done a lot quicker. But now at least our ductwork is clean and our central heating plus a/c idea is working better than ever before! In the future I will disinfect the ductwork of our central heat plus a/c equipment a lot more frequently, then maybe twice a year would be best. That is what I am thinking.

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