I have had a lot of jobs

I’ve done a few things in our day from a teacher to a painter.

  • I care about trying new things as well as expanding our comfort zone so when I am old as well as gray at the end of our life I won’t feel as if I lived a half lived life.

There have been a lot of ups as well as downs going out into the unknown numerous times even though I feel like our life has been better because of it. I’ve done so many things in our 50 years already it makes me wonder if our life was ending tomorrow if I would be at peace with it. I was a plumber for many years as well as have so numerous stories just from that 1 endeavor from all of the interesting buyers I met over the years. I ended up marrying 1 of our divorced buyers as well as both of us had a family together as well as are still together to this afternoon. She answered the phone for emergency plumbing troubles in the middle of the night sometimes as well as I am so grateful for all of the energy she put into helping me run the plumbing repair corporation. I let go of that corporation back in the 2000s when I decided I wanted to be a painter as well as she supported me the whole time. When our water heating system started leaking she wanted to learn how to do the repairs on her own which honestly impressed me. Life is wonderful as well as I am still open to trying new things when the chance comes. They say old age is when you have nothing to look forward to so typically keep an open mind as well as take on new challenges.

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