Investing in the right things

I am getting some money soon as well as want to invest it in a rental but it’s taking longer than I expected.

Now I am sitting here seeing the price of that rental go up hastily as well as thinking of all of the money I am losing.

It went up about 30% the past week so if I had invested a week ago I’d have saved so much money. It’s all about timing isn’t it? What’s the large deal anyways if I don’t have an extra chunk of money that I thought I would, it all gets spent regardless. I need to kick back. My dad, a plumber by trade, used to typically say that line. It is echoing in our mind right now as I wait for the money he gave me for inheritance. I plan on calling my own plumbing corporation soon to fix some leaking water pipes in our flat. I tried to fix them myself but ended up doing more harm than wonderful as well as losing more money in the process. I thought I knew a lot about leak repairs even though I think I don’t, so now it’s time to call a professional plumbing service to come out as well as do it right. They usually provide me a wonderful deal since they are a local corporation as well as I suppose them from being out as well as about. I may ask them to also do some drain cleaning in our bathrooms since the bath tubs are draining really slowly today. It should be quite simple to do.


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