Janet never put too much focus on advertising

Janet came up with a website for her company after she came across a program called front page.

When she was starting out, it was one of the few ways to create an online website for a company. Janet was proud of figuring out how to use the program and managed to create a site that was pretty nice. She did not get a lot of traffic to the website since she never focused much of her time on advertising. But, her husband had large plans for the website. After they got married, he made some crucial changes. Janet never told him not to do so, because she knew these were necessary steps to take. Her husband went to college for marketing and worked for a corporation that handles search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, plus online advertising campaigns. He removed the outdated by changing its whole look and details on the site. When he was done, it looked amazing. Janet thought he did a fantastic job, however her husband did make the front page website look like a child’s finger painting. He incorporated a lot more information to the website which helped them when it came to search engine advertising, plus the website was heavily optimized to advertise heating and AC repair services. Janet’s husband knew exactly what he was doing and he is the reason why they have been so successful. They wouldn’t have several houses, boats, or large RV without all of the hard work and sacrifices he has made to make sure that their heating and AC repair corporation is a success.

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