Jumping Back on the Shark that Almost Killed Me

I like to use the analogy of the shark because it was two weeks ago that the Mediterranean Sea almost cost me my life.

I’m sure that the sea has taken thousands of lives over the past several centuries and I mourn for them all.

I almost passed away from hypothermia from spending too long in the 56F water. I learned my lesson and only go in now for ten or so minutes, much less than the 30 minutes that almost took me that nearly fateful day. I also know now not to swim when I am in the cold water. I am looking into getting some residential window film in my flat because I would like some privacy when I practice yoga in the living room before my daily ice dip. The room is too exposed when my curtains are open and if I close the curtains it is dark as late evening in there and I feel a bit depressed and claustrophobic. I think a nice decorative window film which has fog or rain on it would be great. I would even go for one that has frost or snow because it would make me feel comfy in the winter and cool in the summer. They have those mirrored window films too but I am afraid it would reflect too much sun into my neighbors window and really bother them. In the winter, the sun is at an angle where it would bounce off my mirrored film and go directly back into their room across the street. Decisions decisions.

Window Film Replacements