Making sure I don’t damage my heating and A/C unit

I am a smoker, so I know it is not good for me and it is going to most likely be the death of me, it’s just something that is what it is.

I have been smoking for about 30 years! But there is one thing I do that a lot of other smokers do not.

That is I never smoke in my home or let anyone else smoke in our house, the reason for this is not only because of the air quality, but because cigarette smoke can really destroy your central heating and a/c. The smoke can get all up in the air vents and then travel to the air duct which in turn could clog it. This would make the central HVAC system proposal job overtime just to pump air flow through your home. Then before you know it, it would break down and either need to be replaced completely or have a new motor put in. Both of these things would cost a lot of money! So the best course of action to prevent this is to never smoke in the house. Sure, I have smoked a few times here and there, but right by the window with it opened. And this was only when there was awful weather outside; Other than that, I constantly make it a point to smoke outside our home to not mess up or even risk messing up our central HVAC system proposal unit! I paid a lot for this HVAC proposal and I would never want to destroy it by our own doing.

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