One More Article & I am Off to the Sea

It is 8:30 in the afternoon on a Monday here on the southern Spanish coast about 45 minutes by train from Bcn.

I moved here to get away from all of the chaos in that city. The thieves were getting a bit too much for myself and others so I moved here where it seems to be less of a problem. If you do travel to Bcn, look on google for the name of the city, be sure to watch your backpack, luggage, cell cellphone, & bicycle. This is what they are after when they see tourists coming into town. I have central heat & air in this flat as opposed to a fan in my outdated flat for the tepid summers. I did have a small space heating system there for the winters however it only kept one room moderate so when I went to the bathroom or the family room I would be chilly again. I much love living in this town, even if it is a bit dull occasionally. At least I still have a bike & a backpack after 2 years of living here, & I don’t need to always be seeing them like before. I plan on replacing my outdated central air filter with a HEPA filter as soon as I make a little extra money next month. I have a couple jobs so I will just take on some extra work for a few weeks so I can buy some things that I need around the house. I may also get my air conditioner tuned up for the coming summer. Off to the sea I go, have a fantastic afternoon.


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