Saw that I had a leak

So today I had a fairly easy day at work.

I am waiting for some money to come in from our mom so I can drop it in an investment as well as let it ride for a few years.

I think this investment is going to do quite well over the next 10 years as well as plan on not touching the money for at least a year. I may use some of it each month to help me with bills but I am going to try as well as not touch it for a year. I have a steady income so I should be set. If I have another water heating system repair that needs to be done I won’t have to worry about paying anything because I am just renting here. I’ve had a few things break on the a/c as well as the owner handled all of the costs. The plumbing service once had to come out on an emergency call early in the day. I suppose it was not cheap but at least it didn’t cost me a dime. I used to own a home as well as remember all of the money I used to sink into it each year for repairs as well as service and now I don’t spend a dime on any of that. If our sewer line needs repairing I just call the owner as well as it’s fixed in a couple mornings separate from any money coming out of our bank account. I care about renting for this fact by itself, it’s just a cheaper way to live as well as a lot less stressful.

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