The heater brought the temperatures to over 100 degrees!

They say too much of a nice thing is bad, and this is true! Especially when it comes to heating and a/c! I had this issue with a portable furnace that I had bought; Back when, I remember portable area heating systems to be pretty weak and just enough to take the chill out of a room, these up-to-date portable heating systems are not like that at all.

  • As a matter of fact they are way too powerful if you ask me! I had the portable furnace I bought in our living room to keep me warm while I was sleeping.

A way to save money on running the central heating system! Well, I woke up feeling like I was going to die! It must have been over 100 hundred degrees in the living room! This was with the portable area oil furnace being on the lowest setting. I can not tell you how this shocked me. I ended up having to open up a window and let the chilly outside air come into the living room for about 10 minutes to even somewhat cool it off enough for me to be in there. I returned the portable area oil furnace to the store and told them that it worked too well and that I could not deal with risking giving myself a heat stroke. The store refunded me and decided to report this to the corporation that made the portable furnace that I bought. They need to make some adjustments before shipping out any more of these portable area heating systems for sale. They could be deadly if one doesn’t know this could happen!