The search engine dropped our website for some reason

A lot of the traffic for our website comes from online search engines.

That is exactly what we want. A bulk of our sales and repair calls do not come from repeat customers. We have a nationally-recognized name and that is what people searched for. My company spends approximately $40,000 each month on pay per click advertising, search engine optimization, and geolocation ads. We are a national heating and AC repair company with branches in all 50 states. We specifically advertised in areas of the country where we have locations. Most of these advertisements are done using geolocation tags. If you search the web for a heating or AC repair company in the region where we are advertising, we automatically come up on the top of the results. It is a very expensive way to advertise, but it works well. From time to time we change our advertising programs, but this particular digital advertising campaign works extremely well. Unfortunately, the website has to be active and online and order for people to use our services. The website was down for several days last week after the search engine completely dropped our advertising campaign. I contacted the marketing company several times and I left a couple of messages. I knew there was a problem and I didn’t want to wait several days before the issue was fixed. Thankfully, a technician reached out to me a couple of hours later. He promised there was an issue that was beyond their control and agreed to give us a free week of advertising since we had so many problems.