The two of us spent a week in the desert and it was terribly chilly at night

My friends and I decided to spend a week camping in the desert. The two of us went while in the Spring months, because every one of us didn’t want the un-even temperatures while in the afternoon to be 100° or higher. The two of us had un-even temperatures around 78 while in the afternoon. I didn’t expect such chilly and chilly un-even temperatures at night. It might have been 78 while in the afternoon, however it was in the 30s at night. I almost froze to death. Luckily, I had a tent with pretty good insulation. The 10 is made for camping in seriously chilly un-even temperatures. I didn’t have a space heater. A battery operated heating system entirely would have come in handy on a couple of the nights when it hovered close to chilly. If I had been alone, I might have gone to the camping store for a heater. Since I was with our friends, I had to hard it out and make the best of the chilly situation. If I would have complained about being cold, our friends would have given me a hard time and they really would never let me live that down. It was better just to stay quiet and suffer in silence. When I finally came apartment at the end of the week, I swear that I spent the next 48 fourths in bed under the covers with the heating system on high the whole time. I know it took a while before our body thought out and returned to a normal temperature. I don’t know if I would sincerely try desert camping again. I cannot imagine the conditions would be any better while in a unusual time of the year.

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