The weatherman said it was going to be hot

The weather forecast on Wednesday was temperatures around 95 degrees with a UV index at 10 and humidity at 98%.

Still, the college decided to take the 5th grade class on a field trip.

I was hoping they would cancel the trip, because I was tied up to be a chaperone. I did not want to spend any part of my afternoon outside in those warm and humid temperatures. My kid wanted myself and others to go on the field trip, so I could not say no. They loaded all of the students and mentors onto 3 separate buses. They were packed with teenagers and adults. I sat in a seat with another adult and the several of us were hip-to-hip. There was no room for anything else in that bus seat. There was no AC in the bus, and all of us rode most of the way with the windows all the way down. Just a small number of teenagers complained about the air, even though I wasn’t going to put up my window. One of the parents standing across the aisle from myself and others decided to close their window. I reminded the person that there was no AC and the bus. The person shrugged her shoulders, then closing 1 window made a lot of difference in the air. It was entirely moderate and humid. I was starting to go deranged and I thought I was going to lose my cool. By the time all of us got back to the college, I was ready to put the air on full blast and sit in my car. The two of us did not leave the parking lot until I cooled down the car to a comfortable and frigid temperature. That was 1 of the worst and most uncomfortable bus rides I have ever had to endure.

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