Want a mini cut in the shed

Someday I am going to add a ductless mini cut to our shed.

I work out everyday in our shed plus temperature control is a problem.

I rely on a box fan in the summer time plus it hardly works. I usually get up around 8 am to work out because the weather is cool at that time, however by the time I finish working out, I am covered in sweat plus gross. I slip, slide plus have a bad workout. I absolutely need a real A/C while I was in those 90 degree days. The Winter time time isn’t much better. I do the reverse. I wait all morning for the warmest section of the morning. I also have a space gas furnace that I pre-heat for maybe two hours before I go in there. I still walk into our shed with long pants plus a sweatshirt. I need to be barefoot plus I do not like it all Winter time long. A ductless mini cut would supply even heating for the whole shed! Honestly, a ductless Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C option might be too powerful. I do like the program that I can attach many indoor air handlers to the same outdoor equipment though, however my hubby’s tool shed is right next door to mine. I could absolutely put a mini cut in his space. I think he is worried about his tools rusting in the summer time without any AC. A mini cut would benefit him as well. It would be a high initial expense to supply Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C to spaces for certain hours of the morning. I believe it would absolutely change our lives for the better though.


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