What to Do if My Cryptos Make myself and others a Lot of Money

I put about $74,000 in cryptos this weekend from an inheritance I got from my dad.

If it turns into a lot of money down the road I plan on helping the world with it. There is nothing I want to buy for myself so the money is going to be put out into the universe to try & help others. I already went through the buying stuff for myself and others phase of life & am past that. I get more joy from giving to others, it’s kind of an adrenaline high I suppose, however at least it’s for the better. My gas furnace is quite outdated so I may need to use a little of the money to get it repaired unless I can find some help on YouTube or something & do it myself. I am a former engineer so fixing things comes quite actually to me. Thank God that I left that corporate world over 20 years ago though because it was killing me. I worked at an air conditioner manufacturing plant & grew sleepy of the politics in the work environment. I did it for seven years & finally had enough so I went on my own & started my own company painting houses. I also got certified in Heating & Air Conditioning repair & did that along with the house painting. I got a roofing license however the work was so brutal that I quit that field after only more than three months. Working on air conditioners & oil gas furnaces is a breeze compared to tarring a tepid roof on a tepid Summer afternoon in the south!



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