Adding a ductless system to improve comfort

I have an older home that is very difficult to heat and cool.

We have high ceilings, lots of windows and it’s divided into a whole bunch of smaller rooms.

The duct system was installed many years ago. A lot of renovation has taken place since then. There are several rooms in the home that don’t include sufficient supply and return vents to maintain comfort. Those rooms get overheated and muggy feeling in the summer and are chilly in the winter. Adjusting the thermostat affects the entire house. We tried box fans and electric heaters, but they weren’t effective and looked horrible. I finally looked into some alternative upgrades. I was unwilling to make changes to the ductwork. That would have created a great deal of disruption, mess and expense. A ductless multi-split system proved to be the ideal solution. The system consists of an outdoor compressor that links to multiple indoor air handlers. The installation process was completed in a single day and required little more than a three-inch hole in an outdoor wall. The air handlers mount up high on the wall and feature a built-in thermostat. We are able to adjust the output of each one separately. They each provide both heating and cooling, are effective at handling humidity and through multi-stage filtration, work to trap air contaminants. The system features inverter technology that allows it to adjust speed to the demands of the space. By running at lower speeds, the ductless heat pump provides exceptional energy efficiency and minimizes running costs. This affordable upgrade has made such an improvement in the comfort level of our home. We invested into a multi-split system with eight indoor air handlers.

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