air conditioner store has been out of filters for weeks

I am not sure what is going on with the Heating and A/C stores lately, and i have more than one heating plus air conditioner supplier stores close to me, plus neither of them have my number one kind of air filter, which is the HEPA air filter, then although, even if I was less picky plus decided to go for a lesser quality air conditioner filter, they are out of most of those too! All they have left at the Heating and A/C corporations is the honestly cheap generic filters, which there is no way I am going to risk damaging my Heating and A/C unit by using those awful things, but when I first noticed the store was out of stock, I didn’t honestly think that much of it.

However, when I returned a month later, plus they were still out of stock, that is when I was start to get exasperated.

I even went to the other air conditioner store, just to see if they had any of the filters in stock, which of course they didn’t, or otherwise I wouldn’t be complaining about this right now. I am just blissful that I still had 1 extra air filter left over, otherwise I don’t guess what I would do. I have only had the modern air filter in for a month, plus I usually change out my filters every 3 months, so hopefully in the next more than one months, the stores will have the filters back in stock. If they are still not in stock, I might have to look into ordering online, plus hoping that will do the trick.

more information at this link