Couldn’t wait any longer to get my own quality heating and air

I realize that living in an apartment comes with some downsides.

But when you’re first starting out, you take those downsides in stride. However, year after year of loud neighbors, limited privacy and poor heating and cooling can take a toll. That’s exactly what happened with me. Suddenly, I was 32 and still renting as the prices of owning a home were still out of my reach. Well, two couple friends of mine and I decided to buy a house anyway. Combining our money was the only way we could get together the sort of money it takes for a downpayment on a house these days. So that’s what we did and my life with subpar heating and cooling is over. In fact, we all agreed that our renovation budget had to prioritize quality heating and air. We saw to it that our house would have to sort of heating and cooling we had all longed for. Our choice of HVAC method also allowed us to have another part of the HVAC equation that was essential. We all wanted to be able to customize the HVAC in our own, private living areas. The ductless multi split system that we had installed was just the ticket for that. The house is 3 floors and we each have a ductless heat pump or two on each level. There is also a ductless heat pump in the communal kitchen. Having my own thermostat and paying a mortgage instead of rent is what I wanted. And that’s exactly what I was able to achieve.


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