Dust and air quality don’t go together

I have a feeling that many people tend to have a problem with dust in their homes! I do not feel this is all that of an unofficial issue, although I cannot help however the things in our home are the exception.

I honestly do not feel there is any home that has more dust than I do, admittedly area of this is because of our environment & how I choose to live our life, and for starters, I live in a genuinely dusty area, but the area I live in is more of a desert genre of climate & it’s regularly hot, heated, and extremely sandy here.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort for dust & blow into our home & start gathering on the furniture & all the appliances, but whether it is dust just from being inside the home or dust from outside, our dust regularly seems to be everywhere & it’s actually a big pain in the rear end because I have such a overheated & heated climate I need to have a nice finally working air conditioning system. However I am frequently finding that I need to have our air conditioning unit cleaned out often otherwise it will completely break down just from becoming clogged with dust. I also don’t disinfect our home as much as I should & so the dust collects genuinely abruptly… Lastly I also have dogs & they contribute to a lot of the dust, & pet dander, and doing all this you can see why our air quality would be bad, & however I would use HEPA filters to keep it under control, I am forced to change them out almost every 2 months. I have decided I need to make some lifestyle swings to help keep the level of dust down in our home.

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