I made countless mistakes with that

I constantly felt terrible for our father when she was in the garage for countless minutes working on cars.

She correctly would labor on cars for buddies and family members.

Word spread about her skills with repairing engines though for a fair price, and it became a sort of corporation for him. She was constantly in the garage though and it wasn’t entirely comfortable I imagine because there was no HVAC system. She had a labor furnace that she would use that was portable, but it didn’t do such a great job of keeping the garage warm. Not to mention, the garage was not insulated enough to keep the overheated air inside. It was worse in the Summer because there was no cooling system to speak of. Eventually I told our mother that all of us should do something about the garage and have some sort of HVAC system installed in there. Our mother thought it was a great method and so she called up an HVAC expert to come check everything out when our dad was out of neighborhood for a weekend. The HVAC expert said a ductless mini chop system would labor perfectly and the cost wasn’t too terrible either. So all of us had the thing installed before our father got back. When she saw the new HVAC system, she didn’t suppose what to say at first. She was briefly nervous about what it cost us, but she was entirely ecstatic when she started using it for the first time, then for the first time in a long while, she was comfortable in the garage while doing her work.


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