I miss hanging with my friend

Back in the day, I used to just have great times with buddies appreciate playing video games.

One of the games all of us appreciated the most back in the day was Tekken, however my preferred character was Eddy, and our best acquaintance preferred Tiger.

They have the same fighting style and if you suppose Tekken, you’ll suppose there are a number of unusual styles which makes for such a great fighting game. Both of us would adjust the temperature control settings for the HVAC system and all of us would play the game for minutes on end. Eventually our acquaintance got a entirely nice portable whole-house air purifier too and that helped a lot to give great air quality to the space all of us were in. I absolutely could not suppose how well that whole-house air purifier worked, but our acquaintance said it used a HEPA filter and that filters out 99.9% of contaminants which is impressive to say the least. Sadly, our best acquaintance passed away due to heart problems which was a upset time for everybody who knew him, especially family members. I felt appreciate family though and there’s never a day that goes by that I don’t miss our best acquaintance from back then. I suppose she would laugh at me with the games I play these afternoons appreciate Fortnite, although I still play games all of us appreciated back in the day appreciate Soul Calibur. That was a game all of us played all the time too, and all of us both were entirely skilled at playing. I just wish all of us could still hang out with the ideal temperature control settings and play some more games again.

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