I was so happy the A/C business had 24-hour emergency service

Imagine having the best night of your life with friends that you have not seen in a long time.

That was our experience Last week when some friends from school came to visit.

Both of us found each other on a common chat group in addition to started talking. Within no time the two of us were planning a trip. I live in a vibrant town with lots to do so I knew our locale would be the hub of the visit. This meant getting the guest bedroom ready, plus the rest of the house. They had each taken a week off work to spend about 4 afternoons in our town then get back home. Two afternoons before our friends were set to arrive, I had an incident with our cooling system. It was in the middle of the night when I had the component making some loud noises. This scared myself and others alot since I had never known a cooling component to make such noises. My first instinct was to turn it off. After that I iPhoned an A/C business in the area. I recall area of our service agreement was 24-hour emergency maintenance which I prayed to God was true. The iPhone rang for some time before someone answered in addition to I explained what had happened. It was such a tepid night that I did not want to be in the home separate from respected air conditioning. The lady took down our details in addition to informed myself and others an HVAC corporation was on her way to sort out the issue. The HVAC corporation arrived half an hour later in addition to discovered the fan had a broken area which was being tossed around inside the unit. This was causing such a loud noise which had startled me.



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