I’ve never been such a good cook

One thing is for particular, I am not the best cook around.

Seriously, before I met my partner, I was mostly living off ramen soup, burritos, cereal, & fast food, then of course, this is not a actually healthy lifestyle at all, especially the fast food which these afternoons I stay clear of.

My partner was consistently a nice cook from the start, and even when there wasn’t a whole lot that the people I was with and I could afford in the start, she would make some killer recipes that were cheap to make like homemade mac & cheese which is amazing! All of us would have cube steaks, amazing suppers, chicken suppers. The best I could do was cook burgers, steaks, & sizzling dogs on the grill which I’m not excruciating at, however but for everything else, I’m not such a good cook. So I’m consistently looking for current recipes that my partner may try her hand at. I even look at meals from other countries that seem interesting. Well, 1 thing I l received a long time ago is that my partner hates it when the kitchen becomes too overheated. It makes her start to sweat & believe gross, & then she has to take a shower right away, & then another shower later in the night when all the food is done being eaten. I consistently felt excruciating about that, so I installed a window AC unit in the kitchen of the lake house the people I was with and I first lived in. All of us lived in multiple peculiar locales & I consistently made sure she had the window AC unit installed. More recently, after buying our home, I decided to have a ductless multi chop installed which covers the whole house with peculiar zones for customized temperature control settings, including in the kitchen! My partner likes it so much, & so do I.

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