Late nights are my time

I am someone who works late nights and I also work from home.

Both of these things are great perks.

Because I work late nights my body schedule is on that time scale all of the time, even on the nights I do not work like weekends. On the weekends I love to relax in the late night when the rest of the world is sleeping. Especially in the winter time months of the year. What I do that time of the year is spend the night watching TV or reading a book right by my electric fireplace. Having an electric fireplace was something that I specifically wanted for nights like this. So that is why I went out and bought an electric fireplace in the first place. It took me a bit to save for the electric fireplace. Probably almost a year. Those electric fireplaces are not cheap you know! Electric fireplaces cost around one thousand dollars, sometimes more. My electric fireplace I ended up getting on sale for a little under one thousand dollars which was great. So I saved a few hundred bucks. Also one thing about the electric fireplace is that it is so powerful I can actually use it as a heater. Sort of like a portable space heater that isn’t portable if you get my drift. It has helped me save on my monthly electric bills in the winter from not having to run my central heating and air conditioning system as much. Running central heating can tend to be very expensive in the long run.

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