Looking into a new thermostat

My current thermostat is over twenty years old.

It is a very basic plastic dial that requires manual adjustment.

It provides nothing more than temperature adjustment. If we raise or lower the thermostat setting, it affects the temperature in every room of the house. I am not convinced that the thermostat is all that accurate. I am interested in upgrading to a smart thermostat. I am a little concerned that I might not be able to operate it. I struggle to figure out my smartphone, the television remote and our various smart appliances. I am lucky I can send text messages and emails. I worry that I’ll invest in a state-of-the-art thermostat and never figure out how to create a program, change the temperature or even switch from heating to cooling. I’ve been researching the different makes and models on the market. From what I’ve read, these devices are especially user-friendly. They also offer a wide range of cost-saving and helpful features. There is one model that includes learning capability. For the first week after installation, the thermostat keeps track of every adjustment and learns household schedules and preferences. It then builds a customized program and provides automatic adjustments to conserve energy. There is also a model that features geofencing. It uses GPS to know the locations of each family member’s smartphone and reacts accordingly. The thermostat helps to avoid heating and cooling an empty house to the perfect comfort level. Some models provide energy tracking, energy saving tips, react to voice commands and send maintenance alerts. I have no idea which thermostat would be best for our needs.

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