One man's trash is another man's treasure

I’m curious if you have heard the old saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure? I easily believe in that same, and maybe you feel it’s gross, but I easily love to dig through other people’s trash; The number one reason is that I always find something that easily should not be thrown away at all, you can save a lot of currency by digging through someone else’s garbage, however i have found all kinds of things by dumpster diving! Everything from TVs, to tables, to even, plus my number one window air conditioning. I have been wanting a window A/C for such a long time plus I could not believe our luck when I found what looked like a brand new window air conditioner that our neighbor had thrown away. It was in perfect condition! All it needed was a little bit of updating. I ended up crossing my fingers and hoped that when I went to plug it in it would work, but first I needed to really clean it, but when I took it home I scrubbed it easily, using numerous cleaners to make sure it came out with a nice wash plus room free exterior. I even used a few fragrances on it so it smelled good. Then it was time for the real test. I held our breath plus jammed it in and it came on easily. Ever since that day I found that I have been using it almost constantly. It was just such a lucky find, plus it would save me from taking an unnecessary trip to the Heating and A/C store to purchase one myself; Some of the things that people throw away are just amazing.


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