Our kids were hot and miserable when they arrived home

The other day, it was crazy when the kids got back home.

It was an overheated day and they basically ran to the house from the bus. They said the cooling system was not working on the bus. Fortunately, I had the temperature control settings just right. It’s easy to keep everything on point when you have a good smart thermostat like ours. I can easily adjust the temperature control settings on my phone no matter where I happen to be. Also, we have geofencing with the thermostat as well. We have a digital fence set up and if we leave that boundary, the HVAC system will go to minimal settings until we get back. Well, seeing how exhausted and overheated everybody was, I asked them all if they wanted to go out for lunch. I knew they would love going to the Chinese buffet where not only do they have the ideal temperature control settings, but you can eat as much as you like with good selections of food, and they have all kinds of good desserts including ice cream! So we went and they all enjoyed the time while relaxing with the AC system cranked in the place. It was an enjoyable time and I even chose to have a brownie with some vanilla ice cream on the top for dessert. Everybody had ice cream except for my wife, she said she had to watch her calories. Still, she had some pretty good food, even though it mostly consisted of salads and veggies, but everybody was satisfied by the time we were ready to head back home.

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