The winter weather here is so cold

It was pretty hard getting through this past Winter season.

  • I didn’t expect the temperatures to fall as low as they did at times which went down all the way to disadvantage 20 degrees fahrenheit, then during those times, I was particularly praying that the furnace wouldn’t die on us.

I was especially upset because I didn’t get the normal furnace tune-up in the fall. I recognize I was trying to save money since all of us have been on a unquestionably narrow budget, but I should have fit the Heating plus A/C service in the budget also. I was worried that I would end up with an emergency service need for the furnace, but fortunately all of us made it through. I was worried at particular points. There was a hiccup in the system a few times when it struggled to work, but the issue I recognize resolved itself. Then there was this 1 day that particularly freaked me out when the furnace went on full crank plus I couldn’t get it to quit working! I couldn’t turn it down with the thermostat plus I searched online about what to do about this particular issue. I wasn’t able to figure it out though plus I was almost ready to call the Heating plus A/C company. Finally, I tried shutting off the emergency shut off because all of us were roasting in the house, it was so warm. I also was upset about the pressing heating expense all of us inevitably would be facing. I was surprised when later after the condo cooled back down, the furnace was working great again when I turned it back on. I particularly am going to have the whole system looked at when I get the cooling system tune-up in the Springtime.



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