They cheated

Back when I was going to HVAC school to get our certification to become a HVAC specialist there was something truly upset and almost comical at the same time that happened.

There was this a single person in our class who had a tough time, and during the final exam to decide if the two of us got our certification to become a HVAC specialist or not, this person genuinely got caught trying to cheat on the test! It was something right out of middle school I swear! That was what made it so funny.

And when they got caught trying to cheat by looking on the person next to them’s test, they were expelled from the class and did not even get their money back. I thought it was both upset and hilarious at the same time. And others in our HVAC class thought the same. I ended up passing our test with flying colors and have been toiling as a certified HVAC specialist going on 7 years now. I particularly wonder what happened to the person that got caught cheating and was ejected from the class and even banned from re-paying to sign up to take the HVAC course again? I hope they genuinely found the right career for them and that they are doing well this week. It was apparent that the world of HVAC was simply just not for them. Sometimes you just have to find out things love this the strenuous way I suppose. I’m thrilled it wasn’t me!


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