Went through a number of different HVAC companies before finding the right one

We actually went through many different HVAC companies before finding some good people to help us with our HVAC maintenance and repairs.

The first HVAC company we went through initially was naturally the place that was nearest to our home. When we realized that these HVAC experts didn’t seem to really care and they did lousy work, we went with another company. We really didn’t have a great deal of luck with any of the HVAC companies that were not too distant. We finally started checking reviews to see what these HVAC companies were really about. It wasn’t shocking that all of the local contractors had lousy reviews. What could most people do though if they were the only options. Fortunately, there was a newer HVAC company that was in the nearest town which was about 30 minutes away from us. We ended up calling them and asked if they would come out to help us out. They said we would have to pay a travel fee which was understandable especially with the cost of fuel going up. So we had an HVAC expert come out and this was a very nice guy who also happened to be very knowledgeable. He certainly knew what he was doing and he was able to describe what was going on with our HVAC equipment. Fortunately, he was able to get everything in excellent working condition and we had our ductwork system resealed and cleaned. We don’t care that it’s more expensive to use the services of this HVAC company, we’re just glad we have someone who is competent working on our equipment.


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