We’re having fun together in the city these days

We ended up moving to the city this past year because of a new work assignment.

  • The job I was taking on had much better pay, but it required me to live in the city with my family.

Everybody was actually excited about moving. The city is definitely rich in culture, diversity, and there are so many food options. Even the street vendors sell some of the best tasting food I’ve ever had in my life. Something we have made a habit of is walking to the park in the city. They have a lovely river with running trails, and we like to go for jogs. Also, my children love to bring bread and bird seed to feed the pigeons. There are so many pigeons, but it’s a fun thing to see the kids having a good time feeding them. We also feed the ducks when they come out, and that’s pretty cool too. Well, in the hot season, I thought there had to be a way to help to keep everybody cool while being outside, so I got cooling hats for everybody. These hats just need to be soaked in water to provide that cooling effect that works so well. Also with the reflective tops of the hats, it makes it so the hat keeps you extra comfortable while you’re outside hiking, jogging, or doing whatever. They look a little bit funny, but they work very well, like having a makeshift AC system on your head. They all come with removable fans as well and those are especially nice as keeping you comfortable. We get looks from people, and some people ask us where they can get some cooling hats like ours.


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