Zone control is interesting

When our cousins started talking about a marathon that was coming up, I couldn’t think they all wanted to get in on this.

I never was the best runner and I knew I wasn’t in shape for this, but they had a plan to get us all in shape.

My cousin Tony has his own beach house gym with zoned heating and cooling for customized temperature control settings. Normally, he uses the HVAC plan to remain comfortable while he is working out, but in this case, the two of us had to test our comfort levels. Every one of us knew that the marathon was going to be in the summer time and it was going to be miserably hot while the two of us were running. Every one of us had to get used to running in overheated conditions. So imagine how unbearable it was running on treadmills together in his basement with the heating plan cranked up! Oh, it was miserable and the two of us were all dripping with sweat profusely. I had trouble even running a single mile in the start, but the more the two of us practiced, the easier it all became. Eventually when the two of us got closer to the marathon date, I was able to run seemingly forever without getting too sleepy, and that was with the heating plan working on a hot day! Well, on the day of the marathon, our parents decided to get us special presents. They said they didn’t want us to be too overheated, so they got us cooling hats. These are hats that you dip in water to deliver cooling for hours and they reflect the sun rays for extra cooling. Every one of us all ran the marathon faster than the two of us thought the two of us could manage!


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