Bike path is a game changer

I purchased a bike when I moved down south to save on gas money.

For multiple years I lived in the town as well as never rode.

I got too scared weaving in as well as out of heavy traffic. I am not that certain on a bike. I had 1 instance where our ahir hooked a tree branch as well as I went down hard, ever since after that I have been easily gun shy. I moved further south to the country as well as found that I am right near a paved bike path. It goes for miles as well as is tested by the town. It is always fresh, smooth as well as only has other bikers on it. I never realized how nice a workout bike is until I started doing it. Since our neighborhood is tiny I have gotten more confident biking outside the path. I can take our bike path almost to the food market, I cross 1 road as well as I am there. I can bike to the bank, post office as well as to the pharmacy now. Since I live in the south, the weather is usually quite forgiving as well. I basically ride everywhere I need to go now. My bum as well as legs look so good. I feel healthy and alive when I bike. I don’t let myself bike for a workout though. I only ride to the local tennis court as well as after that I do our own stuff. I either run sprints down the court, crunch in the court or I use our jump rope for a heavy cardio work out. I am in the best shape of our life now that I have moved to the country.


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