I made sure that we were ready for the family picnic with a portable HVAC unit

When my wife suggested that we go on a family picnic, I thought it was a good way to enjoy the weekend.

I thought about going to the beach with everybody, but then I figured it would be best to go to a lake that we love to go swimming at from time to time.

I ended up getting a tent for the occasion along with a portable HVAC unit. The HVAC unit has a smart thermostat so you can adjust the temperature control settings with your phone, which is pretty neat. The HVAC unit is energy efficient and is designed to work in tents or other small enclosures. I was hoping that it would provide enough cooling for us to enjoy our picnic, because it was a hot day. Fortunately, the tent that I got is designed to reflect the heating energy from the sun and is insulated pretty well to keep the temperatures stable inside. My wife thought I was crazy for buying this expensive tent just to enjoy a picnic, but suddenly my whole family was able to see why it was the perfect idea. With the AC working with the portable HVAC unit, that tent became pretty cool inside and I think it had a lot to do with the reflective material on the top. Then after we were all done enjoying our picnic, I pulled some surprises for everybody out of my backpack. I had a cooling hat for everybody. My wife thought it was corny and so did the girls, but us boys couldn’t wait to try them out. We soaked the cooling hats in water and we were able to go around the lake feeling comfortable, and eventually my wife and girls followed along with their cooling hats as well.

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