No more substantial parties at our home after studying the HVAC duct was disfigured

I decided to throw a bunch of parties at our home and let friends invite friends.

These parties were pretty rowdy and I had so numerous people at our home, it was impossible to keep track of everybody.

Some friends said I shouldn’t be partying strenuously, however I just wanted to have an enjoyable time and get to feel more people. Well, when our energy bills suddenly skyrocketed, I knew that I had to stop and figure things out. I evaluated the Heating and Air Conditioning unit and thought there had to be something going on with it. I ended up having an Heating and Air Conditioning tech come out to check everything. After inspecting the whole system, he asked if I knew that I had a large hole in our HVAC duct system. I had to see this for myself and sure enough, it was pretty big. The people at our parties must’ve been especially rowdy, or perhaps a fight broke out or something. Anyway, the Heating and Air Conditioning tech said I had to have that portion of the HVAC duct updated. He also said I needed a HVAC duct sealing and cleaning to make sure there wasn’t too much built-up debris and clogs. I realized this was going to cost a lot of money, however I did it because I wanted lower energy bills. I was grateful when everything was taken care of, however even our air quality was better afterwards. The expense was substantial though and I decided I wouldn’t be having such wild parties after that. If people are going to break stuff in our house, how could I keep up with that kind of life?



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