Our father made a good investment for good family getaways

I was really glad when our father decided to buy a cottage for family getaways, but that old cottage became something to be proud of honestly; I constantly loved the fireplace from the first moment both of us used it.

  • I was constantly eager to get outside, split down trees and chop firewood.

The land was filled with woods and both of us owned a good portion of the land, so both of us basically had enough wood to last us forever. The cottage also came with an oil gas furnace though which was actually fancy to have refilled all the time. The people I was with and I had to keep the heating plan running on a minimal setting to keep the piping in the cottage from cold. The people I was with and I were hooked up to a well so both of us could have showers and running water in general, then eventually, I told my dad he should consider hooking up a ductless mini chop system. I said how it would particularly be enough to provide heating to the cottage and both of us could hook it up to solar panels, but while both of us were surrounded by trees, the cottage had a good opening and there was plenty of sunlight which I realized would be perfect for solar panels, then my father actually thought it was a good idea, then he said he was exhausted of having to call the Heating, Ventilation & A/C contractor to travel way out there to refill the oil gas furnace all the time and a ductless mini chop would save us a lot of currency, however so both of us had everything installed and the comfort in the cottage was so much better after that. The solar panels are good too and cover all our electric needs in the house. The people I was with and I have even been able to watch satellite television since getting the solar panels, so it’s actually actually unbelievable to hang out at the cottage and I hang out there even to this day with friends and family.

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