Summer sales were up last month due to AC repairs

It was easily a summer day last month when my boss wanted to have a meeting.

It was supposed to be a short notice meeting plus the sign was something that was not okay.

We were sad to hear the information coming from the bus. She entered our conference room and had a smile and that meant that all of us knew we had great news. My boss congratulated all of us to work on our problems. We made at least a 150% profit during the previous Financial Year. Many of the Shoppers plus every one of us had a summer sale. I was placed to be in charge of the multiple responsibilities. I needed to come up with some strong discount programs. The air conditioner system Provider Plus air conditioner workers we’re all employees that had to acquire a handsome bonus that would be a token of our appreciation. The both of us came up with realistic discounts and we gathered a team that included lots of different people from each and every Department. One discount that we had right away was purchasing a quality air conditioner and getting a half-price upgrades and complimentary heating, ventilation plus AC repairs. We provided many of the new Shoppers with a pamphlet and guide that included important AC repair tips + scheduling services. The information + assistance was absolutely free. The boss commented on this idea as it was going to educate all of our clients on the AC system. Accessors were sold with a huge discount including multiple control units. During week one, the Indoor Comfort business saw shoppers enjoying all of the rewards from the sale.

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