Switch up what you do

For a while my only workout was a yoga based 1.

  • I would put on a 30 minute video, get out our mat as well as do what the teacher did.

After I started getting better as well as my muscles more tight, I realized that I needed to switch up what I do for physical activity. I have started branching out a bit. I bike 1 morning a week now. I have a water bottle mount, phone holder as well as a place for my water. I have a set route that is about 3 miles. Another work out I go to the local pool as well as swim laps. I try to do cardio heavy workouts three mornings a week as well as a weightlifting workout multiple days a week. My final work out day I go to our local gym. I take a group fitness class led by a certified fitness expert. It is nice not deciding what I am going to do that morning. At the gym there are a lot more equipment pieces too. In the fitness class periodically I am using weighted poles, medicine balls, stand down bikes or even a jump rope. I never know what I am doing in the class. I also like that the fitness teacher leads us in a stretch. I know that our workouts are lacking a nice before as well as after stretch. I am legitimately learning the regular way to warm up as well as not injure myself. I have played with the idea of going to our gym as well as relying on the personal trainer more.


Weight lifting