The tacos tasted bad from the start

The guys and I were working on a commercial AC installation job and there was a taco truck parked down the street.

Jack saw the taco truck when he went down to the gas station to grab drinks and use the bathroom.

When time rolled around, both of us remembered the taco truck and decided to order from the restaurant. Jack is the new guy, so I sent him back to the store with a handful of cash. I didn’t mind sending the kid, because I was paying for lunch. Besides, I can’t really leave him alone at the job site because he is still learning. Jack came back with a handful of tacos. I stopped working on the AC installation job so we could have some lunch. The first taco I tried was a steak & shrimp taco. The shrimp tasted really fishy. I thought maybe they were bad, so I didn’t eat the taco at all. My other two tacos were chicken and I wasn’t that hungry anyway. The chicken taco tasted just as bad as the shrimp taco. They smelled just as bad too. I needed to eat something, so I ate as much of the chicken tacos as possible. About an hour later I was working on the copper pipe and Welding some areas. I felt a rumble in my stomach and I knew it was time to drop everything I was doing so I could get to the bathroom in time. I honestly think Jack and I probably suffered from food poisoning that day. Each one of the tacos had a weird flavor and smell and we got sick almost immediately after eating the food. I felt fine the entire morning until I ate those tacos.

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