Thinking about the days when I was younger and worry-free

Periodically I assume about how straight-forward things were when I was a youngster. The two of us didn’t have to worry about all sorts of deranged things, care about how we were going to afford our home payment or if we could afford to put food on the table. I would relax care-free while seeing cartoons and enjoying a giant bowl of cereal. These days, I don’t even feel how I was able to savor this nasty cereal with virtually no nutritional value. I feel it had something to do with those cheesy commercials I would respectfully see with a bunny rabbit begging for cereal, or a bird flying around the jungle showing others how amazing his cereal was; Now when I look at cereal at the store, most of them make myself and others want to vomit. I might eat something that cares about raisin bran or honey bunches of oats from time to time, however other than that there’s not much that I care for. I try to make sure our own ladies are eating healthy foods, however they still ask for junk care about that nasty cereal that I don’t care for anymore. They will likely feel the same way I do now when they get older. Anyway, I’m more concerned about taking care of the Heating and Air Conditioning systems. I feel I need to respectfully take care of the air filter swings and call up the Heating and Air Conditioning experts to deliver tune-ups for the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. I also worry about keeping the automobile in enjoyable shape because I only have one vehicle. If it breaks down, I’m in a world of trouble as I won’t be able to get around honestly easily.


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