Want to increase my rentals

My whole family is in the real estate market.

My older sibling focuses on getting major home complexes.

He has many doors for rent and strictly stays near the city. My brother does smaller single family homes for rent in the country. For me, I enjoy looking at apartments near my house. I have worked with the same real estate agent that only handles property in my small town. Tanya is always calling me about places going for sale or single family homes. I now have multiple home rentals. I have a family of three in a house, many separate occupants in a duplex and 1 guy renting out a medium sized new home I just bought. I am already prepared to purchase my next piece of real estate. I was considering either spreading into commercial real estate like doing a storage facility, or just doing a larger home complex. I would enjoy having more than multiple occupants in a building. I have considered pulling back too. I have looked into property management services. I am always going over to my rental units. I have changed faucets, fixed tile floors and added a porch to 1 place. Thank the lord I am basically a glorified handyman. I have saved quite a bit of cash on Heating & Air Conditioning and plumbing. However, I am losing time really working on my new rentals when I could be hunting for new deals. That is why I know hiring out management services might be the smartest decision. That way I have time and much less stress when I add a new rental.

Apartments for rent