Dad was seething because of the rude HVAC technician

Dad had to do lots of things to get the new house to the standard he liked.

It was such a surprise when he said he wanted to move closer to us. We’d always tried to convince him to sell the big house and move closer to me or my brother. That way, we’d help take care of him when he got older. Dad loved our old home and resisted this idea for a long time. But, things started to change when I gave birth to my daughter. Dad was instantly smitten and started spending more time at my house. So, one day as we were taking a stroll, I pointed out a house that was for sale and we went to view it the next day. I didn’t know at the time that dad had put our old home on the market and got an offer so he was waiting to surprise us with the news. He bought the house near my place and began renovation work to get it to his standards. Since our location gets hot summers and brutal winters, dad wanted to get a new central cooling and heating system set up. I called up an HVAC company in the area that did our services and repairs, for assistance. The HVAC worker we spoke with was such a lovely lady and she told us the exact time the HVAC technician would arrive the following morning. However, the HVAC technician came 2 hours late and didn’t bother explaining why he was late. When my dad tried to ask him, he was so rude that dad was shocked at this behavior. Instead of getting into a scuffle, dad asked him to leave and we called the HVAC company to complain about this incident.

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