Going to Stay in the United States for an Extra Month

I was planning on going back to our flat overseas in a month however this trip has gone by too fast so I am going to treat myself to one more month here in the states.

I’ll need to rent a automobile for another month and buy a one-way ticket back so it is going to cost myself and others about $2000 to stay here although I guess I can do some work and make some currency to cover the cost of it.

I can help our friend, who is a local company, doing HVAC repairs and service for a few hours a month and that should pretty much spend money for our automobile and plane ticket. I am taking today to rest and then I will talk to him about working the rest of the month if she needs our help. I also have some work I could do for the local company helping clients option out a smart thermostat that would suit their needs. I just want to rest today and take in all of the painting work I’ve done on our cousin’s house and just like the task I’ve done. I managed to not get a drop of paint on her brand current HVAC equipment outside, which is really close to the side of the house. I just covered it up before I sprayed the house and made sure the plan was shut off while doing so. I didn’t want any of the spray to get in the house if the HVAC plan was running, which is not nice for the plan or the filters.



HEPA filter