I am running a little hotter pregnant

I hate being pregnant.

Some women love it and are constantly rubbing their bellies and just glowing with happiness.

I feel and look like total crap. Morning sickness is an all day sickness. I gag constantly. I hate the taste of everything now and most smells are disgusting to me. I also have sore boobs, headaches, bloating issues and mood swings. It is a really horrible time here. The only pro I can say from being pregnant is the raise in my body temperature. It is normal when you get pregnant to run a little hotter. My husband definitely runs warmer than most people. He is always hot and sweaty. He begs to turn on the AC, overhead fan or turn off the heating in the wintertime. With me being pregnant, we sink up with thermostat preferences now. Before I used to whine when the AC turned on. I would frequently have to bundle up in pants and a jacket. Now I am dressed in shorts and a tank like him. I am happy to have AC in the car and I want an overhead fan on at night. My husband is just thrilled that we both are relying on cooling right now. I told him not to get used to it. I am assuming once I give birth I will be back to my normal, colder self. It has been pretty great not fighting about HVAC anymore. It is the only thing from this pregnancy that I would like to keep. I want to give back my nausea and bigger cup size.
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