Looking for a Quality HVAC Zone Control System

We want to change out our old HVAC system for a new one and also change from the standard HVAC to a zone control HVAC so we aren’t needlessly cooling down the whole house for nothing. We spend most of the day in one or two rooms of the house and at night we sleep in one bedroom, so having a zone control type system would save us a lot of money in power bills over time. I want to rest today because my body is still sore from working so much on the house for the past three weeks. But tomorrow, we will head down to the local business and see what latest HVAC technology they have and which one would be best for our house. We have been saving money for the past few years so that we can buy a new HVAC system without having to finance it and are just about ready to purchase one. The weather will be mild for the next few weeks and now would be a perfect time to get it installed as we aren’t using any air conditioning just yet. The heat and humidity will be coming soon though and we will be happy that we got a new HVAC system installed, and even happier that we got the zone control along with it. My friend is going to help us with the install as he has a lot of experience in the field. He works for the local contractor doing HVAC installs and is more than happy to help us with ours.


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