May Be Doing a Comedy Gig While Back in the United States

I used to do comedy gigs around the state while I was living here in the United States, however after that I moved overseas to find new audiences which weren’t so respected to me.

However, last night I got a gig request for a birthday celebration plus I thought it would be fun to give it a shot plus maybe make a little currency while doing it.

I would have to do an minute set, which is quite a long set, however could make $500 in that amount of time. I’ve been repairing Heating as well as A/C systems with my buddy plus it would take myself and others three afternoons of labor to make that $500, a lot more time however a lot less stressful than standup comedy. I sent a message to the shopper plus will wait to see if they bite, plus after that I need to decide if I honestly want to get back into doing road gigs while on vacation here. My air conditioning in my car broke down the other morning so it would also be a warm ride to the gig. I would also need to find a sound system to use because I sold mine when I moved overseas. Maybe it is better to just do my labor for the Heating as well as A/C dealer while here to avoid the stress of performing. I play tunes too however standup comedy is a whole other level up when it comes to stress so I need to decide if I should do the gig. I am supposed to help my Heating as well as A/C tech install a heat pump that morning so I need to figure out my method soon.

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