Not every hotel provides AC on the island

My husband as well as I are going on a holiday soon. I have chosen a tropical island as our destination. I am now tightening up the itinerary as well as going to option out a fantastic hotel. I want to try surfing, go on a bike, snorkel, kayak as well as maybe pet stingrays. I also would care about to kneel on the beach with a book for at least a afternoon or more than one as well. I research quite a bit when I go somewhere. I look at travel blogs, online itineraries as well as consult forums where people chat about traveling. I found that the section I am going to is known for not consistently providing AC. It is going to be in the 76s while the two of us were in my trip as well as not even the hotel even has an cooling system. What? I couldn’t hardly know it when I read that… A lot of people said they just opened their windows as well as let the fresh breeze in. One girl talked about how passionate the sound of the ocean was. I think myself as well as my husband, the two of us will die without AC. I can’t imagine how aggravated my husband would be if I told him there was no cooling system. So now every hotel I am checking into I am scouring pictures to see if there is an cooling system featured. I am studying websites, reviews as well as I will even call the hotel I want to book to ensure there is a cooling system. I am not going to a tropical island as well as not having any air conditioner in my room.

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