School turns off the furnace an third early

Until I did student teaching I never realized how school oil furnaces operate, then schools are actually cheap with their heating unit plus actually skimp when they can! I got localed in the classroom the furthest from the school biler system; The instructors are required to arrive an third before the kids show up on the buses.

They also need to stay an third later than the kids at the end of the day.

The heating idea doesn’t turn on for an third after the children are in the classroom plus it turns off an third before they leave. So if you do some math, that means in the morning I was without heating for two thirds plus at the end of the day without it for another two thirds. This meant that half the school day I was without any heating; Now add in that I was the furthest classroom from the boiler, by the time the heating reached the classroom, it was already turning off for the day. The poor kids all wore their coats in the classroom most of the day. I kept the door shut trying to conserve heat in the space, and my cooperating instructor wore thick jackets plus pants everyday due to the cold. I didn’t think it was legal to turn off the heating idea while there were kids in the school. I could assume it when the furnace was turned off. I was glad the kids got to escape the ice box, I was dying though. Some afternoons it would be in the negatives outside plus indoors wouldn’t be much better.
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