Trying to sneak a HVAC repair over my husband

My husband has a bit of a temper when it comes to fixing things.

When things don’t go well he tends to shout, swear and throw things around.

My husband has whipped drywall out of the bathroom window because it wasn’t cooperating. I have seen him leave his tools out in the rain to punish them for not working right. He frequently damages what he tries to fix due to his temper. Anytime something goes wrong in the house, I just cringe. He didn’t get the handy gene, so we should call someone who did. I am more than okay calling a plumber, electrician or HVAC technician. I think my husband feels it is his manly duty to do it though. He always tries and typically fails. I have noticed that our HVAC system hasn’t been turning on lately. I have been trying to hide that from my husband. I don’t want him to look at our unit. What if he ends up smacking at it and damaging a major part? He tends to be really rough when adding or removing a new part. I think there is a piece that needs to be taken out. I am trying to get a HVAC professional over to do the job before he notices. I have a small window of opportunity. He is going to dinner with his sister on friday. That is when I am sneaking over a HVAC technician. I hope the dinner lasts late and my husband doesn’t catch the HVAC repairman in the act. It is almost like cheating on him.
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